Devasayani ekadasi is observed on the eleventh day of waxing moon (shukla paksha) of Ashada month (June-July). It is also known by the names, Ashadi ekadasi, Sayana ekadsi or Hari Sayana ekadasi. It is believed that on this day Lord Vishnu goes into a deep sleep for next four months, that is, Chaturmas begins from this day. In 2016 the date for Devasayani ekadasi is on 15th July(Friday).

Ashadi Ekadasi in Maharastra
In Maharashtra, Devasayani is known as Ashadi ekadasi. Bhakti cult in Maharashtra take this day as utmost importance. Two great devotees and Bhakti exponents of Maharashtra, Saint Tukaram and Saint Jnaneshwar has left for the abode of Lord Vitthala on Ashadi ekadasi.

People of Maharashtra set out on foot about 15 days before the ekadasi and form it as Pandharpur yatra. This yatra is also called Pandharpur Padayatra. Varkaris, the leading devotees, go in the yatra by carrying ‘palki’ of Saint Tukaran and Saint Jnaneshwar. Saint Tukaram’s homage starts from Dehu and Saint Jnaneshwar’s from Aladni. Devotees reach the final destination at Pandharpur, the shrine of Lord Vitthala on the day of Ashadi ekadasi.

Devasayani Ekadasi

Importance of Ashadi Ekadasi

The glory of Ashadi ekadasi is mentioned in the Bhavistottara purana. It was explained to Sage Narada by Lord Brahma. In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna narrated the greatness of Ashadi ekadasi to Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandavas.

This ekadasi is observed as a mark of pure devotion to Lord Vishnu. It is believed that those who fast on this day are blessed with peace and happiness. Even hearing about its glories is considered very auspicious.

Ashadi Ekadasi Celebrations

Devotees celebrate the day with great reverence. Rivers like Godavari, Ganga are thronged with thousands of devotees who take a holy dip on the day. They visit temples of Lord Vishnu, Rama and Krishna. They observe fast on this day and start preparations of Chaturmas vrata.


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