Min kut festival is the harvest festival of Mizoram. 2015 date for this festival is going to be held somewhere in August or September, immediately after the harvest of Maize. Mim kut is considered as one of the important festivals of Mizoram. Let us know more about the festival in this article.

About Mizoram State

Mizoram is a union territory that lies in a mountainous region of India. It appears sandwiched between Myanmar in the east and Bangladesh in the west. It has about 1100 km India’s international boundary with Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Mizos are of Mongoloid origin. They speak dialect of Tibet and Burman language. Majority of them are Christians by faith. They are mostly non-vegetarian with agriculture as their main profession. Mizos have a nice social fabric. They live with no discrimination on grounds of status, sex, religion. They are sociable and hospitable. Most of the festivals are connected to agricultural operations. They celebrate every event or festival with music, songs and dance.


Mim KutAs the new yield of maize grows and the old stock get exhausted, Mizos take it as an occasion to celebrate. They also see this as an opportunity to pay tribute to the nature and dead ancestors. Min Kut is celebrated for 3 days.

The first day of Min Kut is dedicated to make offerings to the dead ones. The samples of the previous year’s harvest are offered to the departed souls of the family and community. Other offerings are made that include bread and fresh vegetables. Clothes and necklaces are dedicated in their memories. Mizos believe that during the time of Mim kut festival the dead ancestors visit homes of their descendants and bless those who pay homage to them.

The last two days are spent with joy and merriment. Rice beer is one of the common drinks shared during the festival. People take part in ballet performances and share bread dinners with each other. They sing, dance and make most of the festival.


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