India is known for its fairs and festivals. Call it as urge or lifestyle, Indians are habituated to celebrate something or other. Not a month goes without any festival in it. If it is not a festival then there should be some fair to celebrate. This is the way Indians live. In this article, you could know about one more fair of Rajasthan state, known as Chandrabhaga fair.

Chandrabhaga fair is an annual fair festival that is held in place called Jhalarapatan which is 6 kms from Jhalawar in Rajasthan. It is held in the month of Kartik (October – November). It is considered holy to take bath in river Chandrabhaga in the month of Kartik. In 2015, this holy fair of bath will be organized fromNovember 24 to November 26, 2015.

chandrabhaga fair


This fair is held on the last day of Kartik month. The holiness of month is very much felt here in this place. Thousands of pilgrims come here and take bath in river Chandrabhaga on the day of ‘Kartik Poornima.’ Chandrabhaga is considered as a holy river by the people residing on her banks. The day of Kartik poornima is very special as it is one of the significant day of the Hindu Holy month Kartik. This fair is great pleasure of devotees which attracts thousands of people to the spot. This spot is known as Chandravati.

The fair is also a cattle fair where religion is mixed with commerce. The livestock like buffaloes, cows, camels, bullocks and horses are brought to this place and traded. Whole thing looks very picturesque. The fair attracts thousands of tourists and traders from distance places like Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh.

The fair gives platform to mix the culture by giving opportunity to meet and interact with locals and familiarize with them. They come to know about customs and rituals of the people there. Tourists capture the moments in cameras to take all that along with them.

How to reach Chandrabhaga

Kota is the nearest airport about 87 km away from Jhalawar. The nearest rail head is Ramgunj Mandi, which is about 25 kms form the place. The place is well connected by buses with Bundi, Kota and Jaipur.


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