Vishnupur festival is one of the famous festival of West Bengal. The festival is held in Vishnupur town of Bankura district in Bengal. 2015 Date for celebration of this is from 27th of December to 31st December. Let us know more about this festival and how it is celebrated in West Bengal.

About Vishnupur

Vishunupur is 151 kms from the capital city of Kolkata. It is well connected to all parts of the state by roadways and railways. It is a significant town in the Bankura district which is known as the seat of ancient culture of Bengal. The place is full of temples and other ancient structures that show the prosperity of Bengal in by gone days. Main attractions of Vishnupur are Jorbangla, Shyam Ray Temple, Radhey Shyam Temple.



The festival is regarded as the blend of past and the present. The tradition of local dance and music is observed in this festival. Tribal culture of Bengal is seen emphatically. The festival is also an exhibition of local handicrafts and sculptures of Bengal which are just amazing to look on. The hand woven fabrics and hand print clothes of this area are very famous through out the state.

The festival is the main occasion for tourists who come from various parts of country to experience the legacy of Bankura culture. Another significant thing during the festival is the stunning performance of music and songs of Vishnupur Gharana. The festival is observed with lots of gaiety and exuberance giving life to the spirit of Bengal.

Vishnupur has several beautiful hotels and lodges that are readily available for accommodation of tourist visiting the festival. All this makes the festival one of important tourist attraction of Bengal. So anytime you visit Bengal then make it a point to visit the Vishnupur festival of Bankura and have a glimpse of true cultural heritage of Bengal.


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