When is Cheti Chand 2015 – Well, the Date for Cheti Chand 2015 is Sunday, 22nd March.

The festival of Cheti Chand is the New Year’s Day for people of Sind in Pakistan. It is celebrated on the second day of the month of Chaitra (mid- March to mid-April). The festival is celebrated to honor the birth of Sai Ishtardeva Uderolal, the incarnation of Varuna, the God of water as per Hindu mythology.

According to legends, a Muslim dictator Mirkshaw coerced the Hindus to adopt Islam. The oppressed Hindus prayed to Lord Varuna on the banks of the river Sindhu for their deliverance from the repression. One day the Lord answered their prayers and was incarnated as Uderolal (which means sprung from the waters), the son of Rattanchand and Deviki in the town of Narsapur of Cheti Chand (चेटी चंड) (Sindhi – چنڊ ‎چيٽي). Uderolal performed many wonders for the residents of Nasarpur and rescued the Hindus from dispossession. Coming to know of this, the emperor wanted to see Uderolal but he was always thwarted by heavenly involvement. Ultimately when he got to meet Uderolal, he taught the emperor that there is no distinction between Hindus and Muslims; all men are the creation of one God and Humanity is the highest religion. Thereafter being made aware by the God, Mirkshaw discontinued all atrocities towards the Hindus and ruled justly.

Celebration and rituals of Cheti Chand
On this day, devotees worship Saint Uderolal who is also known as Jhulelal(झूलेलाल) along with the God of water Varuna. Worship of the Sea God is performed. This day is considered auspicious for the businessmen who start new account books to mark the start of a new economic year. Sindhi music is played and men perform folk dances. Reeverence is paid to God Varuna on the banks of River Sindhu. People observe fast and after offering prayers they break their fast with a mixture of coconut milk, sugar, molasses and fruits.

The festival of Cheti Chand is known as a communion of Hindus and Muslims and eradication of the distinctions between religions, casts and creeds.


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