Griha Pravesh is a Hindu ceremony performed to celebrate the event of a person’s first entry into a new house. This ritual is primarily done in the months of Magh (mid January to mid February) and Baisakh (mid April to May) but could be done in other months too by getting the dates(thithi) from the priests. According to the Hindu calendar the above months are considered most auspicious for bringing wealth and prosperity to the new home.

Legend of Griha Pravesh
There is a belief among Hindus that before entering into a new home one should perform the ceremony of Griha Pravesh so as to purify the house and receive the blessings of almighty for the beginning of a new life. According to Vedic tradition, the ceremony of Griha Pravesh acts as a remedy for all malevolent influences that may be present in the house. It is also believed that after the performance of this ritual there is the presence of God which drives away all evil spirits and showers the home and its inmates with blessings. Many devout people firmly believe that the performance Griha Pravesh ceremony will ensure the success of all subsequent ceremonies and festivals performed in the house such as a marriage or worship of any deity.

How a Griha Pravesh Pooja is Done
Two Pujas are performed during the Gruha Pravesh ceremony. The first Vastu Puja is performed outside the house where a copper pot, filled with water, nine types of grains and a coconut placed on top of it, is kept. It is then covered with a red cloth and taken inside the house by the husband and wife. The second Puja is the Vastu Shanti where the priest performs ‘Homa’ or the invocation to Agni, the God of Fire to bless the house. Afterwards a lit earthen lamp is kept in the house for 3 days to ensure the fulfillment of the ritual.

Griha Pravesh is almost similar to house warming although it retains the cultural flavors of India by incorporating religious elements.


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